Dental x-rays are an essential tool for your dentist to utilize during examinations. Usually, most people will only need a dental x-ray once every few years. Your dentist will recommend an x-ray as part of your check-up if they suspect there is something going on that cannot be diagnosed by the naked eye. Today, we use a digital x-ray process. Here are some advantages that digital x-rays have over conventional x-rays:

Faster processing
One of the major advantages to digital x-rays is that they are much quicker to process than conventional x-rays. This cuts down on your office visit time, getting you back to your life and out of the dental chair!

Less radiation
Many people have concerns with radiation levels when getting x-rayed, either in the doctor’s office or the dentist office. Radiation is naturally occurring and we are all exposed to it every day. All necessary precautions are always taken when x-rays are administered. Digital x-rays are advantageous because they subject patients to close to 70% less radiation than traditional x-rays, further minimizing the already low impact of x-ray radiation exposure.

Digital x-rays are extremely easy to archive, since they are saved as computer files. This makes them easier to store, transfer, search, and save, especially compared to a physically printed x-ray.

Environmentally friendly
Since digital x-rays are captured and stored electronically, there is no harmful chemical waste that needs to be disposed of.

Digital x-rays are an integral tool in any modern dentist office. The ability to quickly and easily identify potential trouble areas allows your general dentistry office to provide the preventative care that can help you avoid painful and costly problems. Call us today to set up your next visit!