While it may be convenient to pick any dentist to take your children to, it may not be the best option when it comes to general dentistry in Grand Blanc. Children actually require a specific pediatric dentist that can properly care for their constantly changing dental needs as they continue to grow. Fortunately, our practice is trained in the realm of pediatric dentistry. Here are a few reasons why the right dentist is important:

  • Physical Differences
    • Because children’s teeth are at a significantly different stage of development than adults, pediatric dentists need to be trained to be able to decide a proper course of action when treating children. One vital skill of a pediatric dentist is knowing baby teeth will eventually affect a child’s permanent smile.
  • Comfort
    • Many children have anxiety about going to the dentist so it is important that your child see a pediatric dentist that is trained to provide the proper care and comfort required for a successful dental experience. Children require extra patience, compassion and more simple explanations.
  • Developing Good Habits
    • Another important job of pediatric dentists is educating young patients on how to develop good brushing and flossing habits. Children are naturally curious so pediatric dentists must have the patience and knowledge to answer questions about everything from bad foods to the instruments they use.

The dentist should not be a scary place. Our dentist is here to help ease your child’s anxiety, be mindful of their needs both physically and emotionally and make sure they have healthy smiles.