Sedation dentistry in Grand Blanc involves the use of medications to help a patient reach a relaxed state as our dentist proceeds with the dental procedure. Sedatives are used to relieve anxiety and stress, and turn the dental appointment into a more positive experience. Sedation dentistry has grown popular in the past few years due to the number of benefits it offers to patients, as well as the dentist. For some people who suffer from the fear of going to the dentist, this is their only option for dental procedures and improved oral health. Here is a list of benefits we can offer you:

Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Individuals who suffer from dental phobia delay treatment and distance themselves from dental offices as much as possible. With dental sedation, patients feel more relaxed and free from stress while the dentist performs the actual procedure.

No Pain

With sedation, patients will have an increased pain threshold, which allows the dentist to perform the procedure with little or no anesthesia at all. Limiting the use of anesthesia also saves the patient and dentist money.

Longer Procedure, Lesser Appointments

As you undergo sedation, you will be able to endure longer dental procedures without the feeling of discomfort and exhaustion from keeping your mouth open for a long period of time, As a result, the dentist can work easier and gradually decrease the number of visits. This is also the best option for patients who are very busy and work on a tight schedule.

Save Money

Undergoing dental sedation would require you to spend a few more bucks on top of your dental treatment expenses. Most people would think it is strange to consider this a benefit. However, by undergoing sedation, your dentist can complete the treatment for longer hours but in fewer visits, resulting in a lesser treatment fee. Additionally, this will not only allow you to spend less, it saves you valuable time.

Dr. Chris Bryant and his staff believe that dental work does not have to be anxiety-producing or needlessly painful. In our office, we use “conscious sedation” when necessary, with the goal to perform dental procedures with minimal pain, discomfort and anxiety for the patient. Whether you suffer from dental phobia or are worried about dental surgery, there are many reasons patients elect or need sedation. With conscious sedation, patients are given just enough sedation to fully relax and sit quietly and comfortably. If deeper sedation is required, it can be given during the procedure.

Sedation dentistry is endorsed by the American Dental Association and is an effective way to make many patients comfortable during their dental visit. We are specially trained and are certified by our State Board of Dental Examiners to use sedation dentistry in our office. Call us today and let us take care of all your dental needs in a way that allows you to receive proper oral care. As our patient, you come first and we strive to make that happen in every way possible. We look forward to seeing you!